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Welcome to Disconnected's Home page!
We are a Casual Hard core raiding guild on the Cairne server Alliance side.
We consist of all adults over the age of 18. We are currently progressing in three 10-mans, and one 25-man. We raid from seven to ten in the evening on various nights.
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Other Guild News

Guild Merger

Matsumo, Aug 17, 10 6:43 PM.
We have acquired the guilds Pandamonium and Tranquil Vengeance and added their members to our ranks.  We are glad to have them and look forward to continued progression.

ICC 10 Finished

Matsumo, Jul 27, 10 10:38 PM.
Lich King killed.  Congratulations to all involved.


MagicWok, Jul 19, 10 12:53 AM.
Recent Developments!
Disconnected is now teaming up with Valhalla to get the 25 man ICC content down.
Please view the forums if you have any questions on this development.
Also there is some new posts regarding our raid policy and loot council system.

This weeks Drops

MagicWok, Jun 10, 10 12:11 AM.


MagicWok, Jun 8, 10 6:40 PM.
All spots are filled we are not recruiting at this time!!!
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